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Ultra-precision manufacturing of droplet generating junctions from PCTFE. 'T' and 'X' style are available with junctions currently as small as 70um. Housing blocks can be full customizable to suit your mounting needs. All chips utilize 1/16" tubing as well as any of the 10-32 based IDEX fittings. Viewing ports are added to allow better viewing of the junction through the PCTFE.

Ultra-precision manufacturing microfluidic tubing interconnects and adapters from PCTFE. These interconnects maintain a minimal dead volume while allowing easy access between components. Common IDEX fitting and tubing sizes are available. Viewing ports are added to allow better viewing of the junction through the PCTFE.


Short answer is chemical inertness. If you are familiar with the different FEP, PFA, and ETFE microfluidic tubing, now there are droplet generating chips that will also give you the same chemical inertness. PCTFE is far more ridged than the other fluoropolymers and will not deform while making the connections. PCTFE exhibits very low gas permeability and near zero moisture absorption. PCTFE tends to have an operating range from -400°F to 380°F. 

Why not PCTFE?

For all of the benefits of using PCTFE, there are some limitations. PCTFE is not clear, we have mitigated some of this by adding in viewing ports that thin the amount of material that would obscure observation. In addition to PCFTE being opaque, direct light based heating sources will not operate as intended with this product. Another limitation currently is complexity per chip due to the manufacturing process. While we can offer a wide range of solutions, we are limited in some ways to the traditional quartz and glass types.

Bottom Line

We are a design, engineering, R&D, prototyping, and manufacturing company. If you see something that you like, but isn't quite what you are looking for, talk to us.

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70um 3 Port Render.jpg
70um 3 Port Render Close.jpg
Interconnect Render.jpg
Interconnect Render Close.jpg
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