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Engineering & Assembly

Nextwave Associates is an experienced source for high quality, competitively priced, custom manufacturing, machining and PCB fabrication & assembly.


Nextwave Associates offers our customers a large array of CNC machining capabilities, processes and pre and post-production services to help them achieve success from the application of advanced manufacturing and fabrication technologies.


Exceeding Expectations

Engineering and Assembly: Services
Marble Surface

On-Time Delivery

Nextwave Associates offers custom designs and tooling services for cable assemblies including Bulk Cable, Connectors and Overmolds.

PCB Capabilities & Services

  • Schematic Capture (pdf, Sketch,etc)

  • Design rules at the schematic level

  • Bill of Material generation (BOM) and part pricing for each design

  • Custom footprints to meet your needs

  • Fabrication Drawings

  • Assembly Drawings

  • Gerber File Creation & Modification

  • Component Research

  • Technology Research

  • PCB Reverse Engineering (we offer reverse engineering for single sided and two layer boards only)

  • PCB Production Management

  • PCB Prototype Assembly

Marble Surface

The box build process is specific to each project and can include varying degrees of complexity at each step. For example, one step may include simply placing a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) within an enclosure. A subsequent step may include the complex task of connecting a PCBA to a user interface display.

The most common box build assembly processes include installation of sub-assemblies, installation of other components, routing of cabling or wire harnesses, and fabrication of enclosures.

  • system level assembly

  • product assembly

  • sub-level product assembly

  • packaging

  • labeling

  • testing

  • software installation

  • product configuration

  • warehousing

  • order fulfillment

  • after-market service

  • repair


Leading Edge Expertise

PCB design, schematic capture, routing
CAD drawings
Advanced R&D manufacturing

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