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  • Precision CNC Machining

  • Fabrication, Large Machined Fabrication

  • Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication 

  • Powder Metals Parts

  • Eyelets

  • Stampings, Wire Forms & Springs

  • Laser & Water Jet Cutting

  • Powder Coatings

  • Prototypes to production runs 

  • Small parts to large assemblies


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Sintering of powder metals is a process in which particles under pressure chemically bond to themselves in order to form a coherent shape when exposed to a high temperature. The temperature in which the particles are sintered is most commonly below the melting point of the main component in the powder.



Extension Springs
Torsion Springs
Compression Springs
Magazine Springs
Fourslide Manufactured Stampings
Wire Forming
Brackets, Clips & Battery Contacts
Air Filter Holding Frame Clips / Hardware
Contract Assembly Services


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Our Multi Spindle Screw Machines with 6 and 8 spindle configurations, can handle bar stock from .125” to 1.625”, and up to 3.14” in pre-cut pieces. With two back working spindles for rear end machining, and up to 18 CNC Slides with live tooling and multi axis. Thermally stabilized, incredibly fast and versatile.

Rotary Transfer Turned Parts;

A wide range of work-pieces can be machined, be it cold extrusion parts, tubes, turned parts, straight turned parts in bar or coil stock guarantees reliable and cost-effective production performance for many different industries.

Machining and Fabrication: News


Micro Machining

Ultra-precision machining to us means pushing the direct material removal process to the limits of what is possible. Utilizing the latest machines, tooling, and methods, we can provide tolerance in the 1-2µm range, that’s 40-80 millionths of an inch. Features can be produced with reliable tools down to 30µm, and sometimes smaller depending on material.

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Capacity:10 – 1200 Tons

Technology:Hydraulic pressing capability with common programmable controls

Part Sizes:.25 inch to 14 feet

Material:Stainless Steel, Boron Based Hot Stamping Grades, High Strength Low Alloy, Domex, Armor, Galvanized Steel, Hot and Cold Rolled Steel, Spring Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, Copper, Brass

Material Thickness:.002” to 1”

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